How long have your loved one’s cremation ashes sat on a shelf in your closet? You aren’t alone. Many people struggle to decide what to do with their family members’ cremation ash. We want to teach you about one popular option: cremation glass. 

Options for Ashes: Cremation Glass Art

While cremation glass isn’t a complete solution to your problem of “what to do with dad’s ashes,” it will provide you with a unique, wonderful keepsake that you would be happy to display in your home.

What is cremation glass?

At some point in your life, you have probably watched glass being made. So, you know that glass is in a liquid state as it is shaped. 

Cremation glass is a piece of glass artwork. While it is being made, the artist adds a tiny amount of cremation ash to the glass while it is in a liquid state. The result is a unique piece of cremation glass art that contains a small amount of your loved one’s ashes within the structure of the glass.

Why do people create cremation art glass pieces?

Everyone grieves differently. And people have varied ideas on the best way to handle cremation ash.

Cremation glass art is a good option for those who want to display a beautiful reminder of their loved ones. 

Unlike a cremation urn sitting on your mantle, your piece of memorial glass art will look like any other beautiful ornament. Only you need to know about the ashes inside the structure of the glass.

What can I make out of cremation ash?

cremation glass art

There are a lot of websites and Etsy stores that create cremation memorial art. Many artisans have designs to choose from, including paperweights (or glass orbs), marbles, vases, or memorial “glass flames.” 

Another popular category of cremation glass is cremation glass jewelry. You can customize pieces of cremation jewelry to fit your style and color preferences. 

How does cremation art work?

Your online cremation glass artist will give you detailed instructions on how to send your loved one’s ashes through the mail. (Yes, sending cremation ash through the postal service is legal and safe). 

Make sure you confirm your design and color options because once the cremation ash is placed into the liquid glass, you won’t be able to change your mind.

It’s also worth noting that cremation glass art only requires a tiny amount of your loved one’s cremated remains. You will still need to decide on the final resting place for the rest of the cremation ash. Popular choices include burial, scattering, or placing the remains in a columbarium niche.

How do I find a special place for the rest of my loved one’s cremated remains?

Choosing a final resting place for cremated remains can be difficult, which is why many people have the ashes of their loved ones sitting on a closet shelf in their homes. If you live in Alabama and need help finding an appropriate final resting place for cremated remains, contact Alabama Funeral Homes and Cremation Centers.

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Key Takeaways About Cremation Glass Art

  • Cremation glass is made by placing a tiny amount of cremated remains into liquid glass before it is formed.
  • Some families prefer commissioning a beautiful keepsake instead of displaying the urn holding their loved one’s remains.
  • Once you have selected the piece’s style, shape, and color, you’ll send the tiny portion of the remains through the mail to the artist.
  • Because cremation glass art and jewelry only require a tiny bit of ash, you will still need to find a permanent resting place for the remaining ashes.