Demystifying the Cremation Costs in Alabama

We know that you have a lot to consider when making end-of-life plans. 

Planning your own services may feel surreal, especially if you are facing a life-threatening disease. You may struggle with your choices and may feel torn between what your family members had chosen in the past and what you think is right for you.

If you recently lost a family member, your grief may leave you in a daze. Even making the most straightforward choices may prove daunting. You may feel like your lack of focus leaves you unable to navigate websites full of detailed information.

One of the purposes of this blog is to provide a resource to those who are planning a cremation in Alabama. This blog will discuss a subject that no one likes to talk about — the cost of cremation. Let us help you navigate your choices in relation to cost. 

Alabama Cremation Costs

We in the funeral industry know that every situation is unique, and that’s why most funeral homes offer various packages. Even though the packages and costs may vary from place to place, here are some typical offerings to consider.

Complete Traditional Funeral Services With Cremation Following

Many families want to have a visitation and memorial service with the body present. They want to provide everyone with one last opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one, and they feel that having the body at the services is an essential part of that process.

You might be pleased to know that you can still have a traditional funeral, even if your loved one chose to be cremated. When selecting this type of service, the body is embalmed and prepared for viewing. It is then placed in a temporary casket for the visitation and memorial service. Following the events, the body will be cremated. 

Once the cremation occurs, the cremated remains will be returned to the family, who can follow through with the interment or scattering of the remains. 

This option is one of the most expensive, as far as cremation costs are considered. Families find comfort in hosting a traditional funeral while at the same time following through with the wishes of their loved ones.

Cremation with Visitation and Memorial Service, (with the body not present at the memorial service)

Some families’ traditions dictate that the body is only present for the visitation but not for the memorial service. This choice may be based on preference, or they may choose this because they want the cremated remains to be interred or scattered during the final service.

This option allows those who want to view the body to be able to, while also giving friends and family members the ability to see the final resting place of the cremated remains.

Visitation with Cremation Following

Some families find that they can say their goodbyes at a visitation. They may feel that a memorial service is unnecessary, so they choose to have the body cremated after family and friends offer condolences at the visitation. The family may choose to have a private scattering ceremony at a later date. 

Since no memorial service is held at the funeral home, this option is less expensive than the previous two options. 

Cremation With Memorial Service

Sometimes families choose to view the body privately soon after death. They may not find it necessary for other mourners to have this opportunity, so they request that cremation takes place immediately after the deathbed viewing.

With this type of memorial service, families have a more extended amount of time to prepare. They can wait weeks or months to hold the event, which may accommodate those traveling for the occasion.

This option is significantly less expensive than the previous ones since the body is not embalmed, and no casket is needed. 

Direct Cremation

Do you want to say goodbye to your loved one privately? If your loved one did not wish to have a visitation or memorial service, you might feel most comfortable with the direct cremation option. Some families have private interment or scattering services after receiving the cremated remains. 

Cost of Cremation in Alabama

The cost of cremation in Alabama varies widely. Even though the cost should certainly be a factor when choosing a funeral home, it should not be the only thing to consider.

Choose a funeral home that will help you say goodbye in a way that would have pleased your loved one. Choose a staff with the patience to explain your options, even if you feel as if you are in a mourning-induced fog. 

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