There are more options than ever when planning an end-of-life service. Funeral homes have listened to the families they serve, and some now offer low cost cremation, often referred to as direct cremation.

Before we discuss this form of cremation, we would like to state that some families are still choosing burial as their preferred method of disposition. In fact, some of you may come from families that chose traditional burial services, including a wake, visitation, or viewing followed by a traditional funeral and concluded at a graveside service. Please understand that this option is still available, and many families making funeral arrangements still opt for a traditional funeral service.

However, some families may have the idea that cremation is less expensive than burial. While this might not always be true, we would like to highlight one relatively inexpensive option for you to consider if you are concerned about funeral costs.

Let’s discuss this type of cremation service, so you can determine if it is the right choice for your situation.

What is a direct cremation?

Direct cremation refers to a simple cremation that is not immediately done by a funeral home memorial service. During this process, the family members say goodbye to their loved one at the place of death (if they choose), and then the body is transferred to the funeral home. The funeral director takes care of all the arrangements and required forms (including ordering the death certificates), and then the body is cremated.

Please understand that the actual cremation process is always the same, whether there is a funeral ceremony or not.

Why do some families choose direct cremation services?

Why do some families choosing cremation opt for direct cremation? Here are some reasons.

Families are sometimes concerned about cremation costs.

Direct (or basic) cremation is the least expensive option. There are fewer transportation costs, no fees for embalming or preparing the body for viewing, and the family is not required to purchase a traditional casket. Of course, there are also no additional costs for the funeral services. Instead, the family only pays for the cost of cremation and perhaps cremation urns.

Families want to say goodbye on their own terms.

Some families search for a cremation provider because they want to say goodbye to their loved ones on their own terms. For example, perhaps your loved one did not want to be embalmed and instead wanted their cremated remains scattered at sea or buried in a biodegradable urn. A direct or basic cremation would allow you to fulfill your loved one’s wishes.

Families want flexibility when scheduling memorial services.

Perhaps you wish to have a somewhat traditional service in a funeral home, but you would like to wait for a more optimum time. For example, maybe an illness or military service has made it difficult for you to make final arrangements for your loved one, and you need to wait to say your formal goodbyes to your loved one.

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