Before we discuss how to find Alabama obituaries online, it’s essential that you realize that not every person who has died has an obituary written about them. In addition, there’s no legal requirement that an obituary needs to be published in a newspaper or a website that specializes in online obituaries.

Sadly, the act of writing an obituary may be overlooked by the family or friends of the deceased. If the funeral home doesn’t offer assistance with writing and publishing the obituary, that person’s story may never be told.

How to Find an Obituary in Alabama

Here are some tips for finding an obituary in Alabama for free. However, if you aren’t able to find one using these common resources, it could be that no one took the time to write one.

1. Complete a simple search for online obituaries.

If you are looking for the obituary of a person who died since the internet became widely available, you might be able to find the obituary with a simple online search.

Type in the deceased’s full name, “obituary,” and the city in Alabama where the deceased lived or died.

If you aren’t looking for a specific person’s obituary, but you wish to stay informed about deaths in a particular area, search Alabama obituaries this week” or “Alabama obituaries today.” Those results will reveal links to the most popular newspapers in Alabama. Of course, you can broaden your search by Googling “Alabama Obituaries 2021.”

2. Search online newspaper archives for Alabama obituaries.

If you are trying to find Montgomery, Alabama obituaries (or Birmingham, Alabama obituaries) from before the digital age, search the Alabama page of Interment, a website that specializes in cemetery records.

This website gives you links to other websites with Alabama funeral notices, Alabama obituaries from 1991 to the current time, and 105 Alabama newspapers published from 1813-2003.

While this website is easy to use, it does require a paid subscription to access some of the records.

‘Newspapers’ is another paid subscription service that will give you access to old Alabama newspapers. This website is connected with Ancestry, the premier genealogical website in the country.

3. Visit local historical societies and libraries to find an obituary in Alabama.

Not all of the Mobile, Alabama obituaries (or old newspapers from Auburn) are digitized. If you are looking for an old obituary, you might need to visit local libraries and historical societies and look through microfilm, microfiche, or old bound periodicals.

You might also be able to find assistance from the Alabama Department of Archives and History, although it may require a trip to Montgomery. This facility has Alabama newspapers on microfilm, which you can access for free.

Honor Your Loved One With a Beautifully-Written Obituary

Unfortunately, when a person dies, they may be entirely forgotten within one or two generations. While this is sad, it can be avoided.

Alabama Funeral Homes and Cremation Centers will help you tell the unique story of your loved one. We will also publish a beautiful tribute page with your loved one’s obituary on our website that can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

You’ll be comforted knowing that your loved one’s story is permanently recorded and can be easily accessed by future generations.

Learn more about Alabama obituaries by contacting the staff of Alabama Funeral Homes and Cremation Centers today.