Kudos to you for making your end-of-life arrangements. We hope you feel at peace knowing that your final wishes have been recorded. Additionally, making your preferences known is a great gift to leave behind for your family.

Difference Between Preplan and Prepay Cremation

Now that you have chosen to be directly cremated, let’s discuss the next step in the process – the selection of a cremation provider that will allow you to prepay for the cremation services. Please understand that there are distinct differences between “pre-plan” and “pre-pay.”

Advanced planning allows you to record your preferences and biographical information that may be used to write the obituary and fill out the death certificate. You can also leave instructions on where you would like your cremated remains to rest, whether a cemetery plot or scattered at a favorite park. However, with a pre-plan, your family may ignore your wishes amid their grief and choose a more elaborate funeral service. Families are known to emotionally overspend during a time of sorrow – even if you preferred “just the basics.”

To make sure your end-of-life services are precisely what you wanted, purchase prepaid cremation services with Alabama Funeral Homes and Cremation Centers.

Benefits of Pre-Paying for Your Funeral Arrangements

Are you considering a prepaid plan? Here is some free advice on why this is a good idea.

Prepay will give you peace of mind that your preferences will be followed.

Is there a family member who is uncomfortable with the cremation process? Are you concerned that they won’t follow your wishes? A prepaid cremation, or paying in advance for a cremation, will make it more likely that your preferred method of disposition will be followed.

Prepaid cremation plans make the cremation more affordable.

You may have heard about the rising costs of funerals. Prepaying for direct cremation will enable you to lock in current rates and shop around for affordable cremation providers. In addition, most providers allow you to pay installment payments on a payment plan. And you can compare prices of funeral costs in your local area, so you can be assured that you are getting a great deal.

Prepaid cremation service allows you to reduce the financial burden on your family members.

A cremation plan that allows you to prepay is not only more affordable – it reduces the overall cost of the funeral. But taking care of your funeral expenses also lightens the financial load of your family at the time of your death.

How to Prepay for Cremation

Once you are ready to plan for your memorial service and cremation, reach out to Alabama Funeral Home and Cremation Center. We are a premier cremation service provider that should be the first call for someone planning a cremation. Not only do we offer affordable cremations, but we also are a full-service local funeral home. We offer cost savings advice on how to save on cremation costs, and we will care for your loved ones at the time of your death.

Turn to Alabama Funeral Homes and Cremation Center for a Low-Cost Cremation Plan

Alabama Funeral Homes and Cremation Center has multiple prepaid cremation plans to suit any budget. If you are concerned about cremation cost and wish to find a highly rated provider who will care for your loved one during their hour of need, fill out the Pre-Arrangements form found on our website.