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Cremation Plans: How to Pre-Plan a Cremation

By |2022-05-23T14:34:43-05:00May 23rd, 2022|Blog Post|

One of the best gifts you can leave behind for your loved ones is the gift of a pre-planned funeral. Your plan will let your loved ones know your end-of-life preferences. Also, planning your services ahead of time will allow your loved ones to spend their time comforting one another at the time of your

How to Choose a Cremation Service: Tips for Finding the Best Provider

By |2022-04-12T14:22:37-05:00April 12th, 2022|Blog Post|

You might be surprised when you begin planning ahead for your end-of-life services. A simple internet search to find a local cremation service provider may yield a long list of companies, some that don’t have a physical location. So how do you select from among all of the cremation providers in your area? Here are

Skip the Burial: Here are a Few Funeral Alternatives to Consider

By |2022-03-14T13:24:09-05:00March 14th, 2022|Blog Post|

Before we discuss funeral alternatives for a traditional service, it is worth noting that many Americans are still opting to have a traditional funeral for their loved ones – one that consists of a viewing (visitation or wake), funeral, and graveside service. If this is your preference, talk with your local funeral home and create

A Guide to Direct Cremation: Costs and Services

By |2022-02-22T19:19:28-06:00February 22nd, 2022|Blog Post|

There are more options than ever when planning an end-of-life service. Funeral homes have listened to the families they serve, and some now offer low cost cremation, often referred to as direct cremation. Before we discuss this form of cremation, we would like to state that some families are still choosing burial as their preferred

Alabama Burial and Cremation Laws

By |2021-11-18T16:27:52-06:00November 15th, 2021|Blog Post|

Perhaps one of the essential Alabama Burial Laws that you need to be aware of is Alabama Code 34-13-111. It reads, “Every funeral service, memorial service, or committal service, or part thereof, that is conducted in Alabama, for hire or for profit, shall be in the actual charge and shall be under the direct supervision

How to Find Alabama Obituaries Online

By |2021-11-02T16:51:45-05:00October 27th, 2021|Blog Post|

Before we discuss how to find Alabama obituaries online, it’s essential that you realize that not every person who has died has an obituary written about them. In addition, there’s no legal requirement that an obituary needs to be published in a newspaper or a website that specializes in online obituaries. Sadly, the act of

How To Discuss End-of-Life Wishes with Your Parents

By |2021-04-13T14:24:59-05:00March 18th, 2021|Blog Post|

When your parents get to be a certain age, the idea of life without them may cause you to panic. You may worry about managing your life without their support. You may wonder how you will be able to oversee their care when you live far away. You may panic thinking about having to host

How to Get Your Loved Ones’ Obituary Published

By |2021-04-13T14:26:15-05:00February 19th, 2021|Blog Post|

A lot goes into planning a funeral for a loved one, but Alabama Funeral Homes & Cremation Centers will be right by your side during the entire process. One task that causes a lot of concern for families is how to write an obituary and get the obituary published. Let us reassure you that our