You may have planned many special events for your loved ones throughout your life. However, planning a memorial service is a different thing altogether. Not only is it difficult to think and plan as you grieve the loss of your loved one, but you may feel added pressure to find unique memorial service ideas to celebrate your loved one’s memory.

However, it’s important to remember that you are not alone when you work with a full-service funeral home. The funeral director and staff will help you make funeral arrangements. They are experts in working with grieving family members to create a personalized funeral or memorial service to celebrate a person’s life.

What follows are some creative memorial service ideas. However, the funeral home staff is your best source for learning how to pay tribute to the one you lost.

Funeral or Memorial Service Decor

Typically, there are few decorations at memorial services. Instead, most families prefer to arrange for funeral flowers – either a casket spray or a standing spray using the favorite colors or flowers of the deceased.

Besides flowers, a family may use photos to decorate the space. Of course, having a memorial slideshow at a funeral service is standard. Others may have a large photograph of the deceased on display at the service – especially if the body was cremated or there is a closed-casket funeral.

Here are some decor ideas for a contemporary or traditional memorial service.

Create a memory table that includes photos and other items significant in your loved one’s life. For example, you could include the needlework your grandmother created, photos of the car your grandfather rebuilt, or cut flowers from your mom’s garden.

Ask others to write a memory of the deceased (or a message to the deceased or family) on memorial stones. You can use these stones in a memorial garden or to surround a memorial tree you plant to honor your loved one.

Before the service, ask close friends and family members to find a quote that reminds them of the deceased’s life. Participants might use lines from favorite songs, books, or movies. You might use Bible verses or lines of poetry. Use the memorial service quote collections in the memorial slideshow or tribute video – or within the funeral programs.

Funeral Program Ideas

Most families arrange for a program for their loved one’s funeral service that lists the order of service, the participant’s names, and the deceased’s photo and obituary. While these are nice mementos for funeral attendees to take home, many prefer more interactive ways to share and store memories.

Consider creating a memorial website for your beloved family member. Then, share the website in the funeral program and invite guests to participate by sharing stories and photos. Lalo is one such option for this type of project, as the app allows you to create a private online location where all who knew the loved one could share stories, pictures, and videos. 

loved one's memory

Location Ideas

You may not have a lot of location options for a traditional funeral service that includes burial. However, many funeral homes have outdoor venues and banquet halls that give you more flexibility when planning an event.

However, if your loved one’s death was followed by cremation, you may consider having a service at the scattering location – perhaps with an accompanying butterfly release. You might also gather at a favorite restaurant or pub, a favorite sports venue, or even have a game night to honor your loved one.

Searching for Unique Memorial Service Ideas? Consult the Staff of Alabama Funeral Homes and Cremation Centers

When you work with a full-service funeral home, you are not alone when it comes to funeral planning. Whether you want a traditional church service or are seeking more unique funeral ideas, our staff can help you find beautiful ways to share memories of your loved one. 

You can also reach out to Alabama Funeral Homes and Cremation Centers for pre-need cremation planning. Maybe you have a great idea for your own eventual service and would like to create a prepaid funeral plan to release your loved ones from this burden. 

Looking for a Unique Memorial Service Idea? Key Takeaways

  • Choose decor that allows you to share the personality and interests of the deceased. 
  • Decorations at memorial services can also allow you to share special memories. 
  • Create an online space and encourage others to share stories and post photos.
  • Consider alternative location ideas if your loved one chose to be cremated. For example, your celebration of life might be at a memory garden, a venue with live music, or a favorite sports stadium.