One of the best gifts you can leave behind for your loved ones is the gift of a pre-planned funeral. Your plan will let your loved ones know your end-of-life preferences. Also, planning your services ahead of time will allow your loved ones to spend their time comforting one another at the time of your passing instead of Googling cremation services in your local area.

Do you wish to be cremated but don’t know how to pre-arrange a cremation service? Please allow us to help.

Tip 1: You can preplan your cremation just as you would a burial.

It’s important that you realize that any type of funeral service can be pre-arranged. So while you may have had family members plan and pre-pay for their traditional burial, this option is also available for those choosing cremation.

Tip 2: You can have a traditional funeral service followed by cremation.

It makes sense that you would choose the details for your funeral service while selecting your disposition method. However, please understand that a variety of options are available.

Perhaps you would like to be cremated and have your ashes scattered at sea. However, your family would like to have a traditional funeral service, where mourners can view your body and say their goodbyes. This option is available at most funeral homes.

Tip 3: Direct cremation options are available.

Perhaps you are drawn to the idea of cremation because you want a simple, affordable end-of-life plan. If this appeals to you, record your preference for a direct cremation in your end-of-life plan. This means that your body will be removed from the place of death to the funeral home. And once the remains are cremated, the ashes (or cremated remains) will be given back to the family.

While you might be attracted to the affordable pricing associated with direct cremation, you might want to discuss this option with your spouse or children.

Tip 4: You can plan your entire funeral service to relieve this burden on your family members.

Some people view funeral planning as selecting a funeral home, prepaying for burial or cremation, and making arrangements for the final resting place of remains. However, you can be as detailed as you wish when making your funeral arrangements. Choose the flowers, songs, and speakers. You can even write your own obituary!

Tip 5: Fill out the prearrangement form at your local funeral home.

You have considered all of your options, choosing a funeral home to complete the cremation process. The next step is to fill out the prearrangement form, which many funeral homes provide on their websites.

Consider preplanning your services with Alabama Funeral Homes and Cremation Centers if you are in Alabama. You can find our prearrangements form on our website or contact a staff member for assistance.

We know that the funeral planning process is uncomfortable for many individuals. However, you will feel a great sense of peace once it is completed. Contact us today.